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Movies Featuring Military Aircraft Action

Add a Sparkle to your Military Stuff Collection!!!

These are some of the coolest movies ever from Hollywood. More movies shall be added soon!


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Flight of Black Angel (1991)
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Why the hell one would ever shoot his own comrades? Well, the guy in this movie does. A fine pilot, with a passion for dangerous maneuvers, turns out to be a nut case. And now he wants to blow of the city with the nuke his plane carries.

The villain happens to be a very sweet, introvert kind of guy, n u'll never know what hit u!

An absolute must for aircraft buffs, it has loads of generous amounts of dog fights n all that stuff which we plane lovers have in common.

If you want used copies click "See all used" n if you want new ones, click on "See all new" I would prefer the used ones... $2 is hardly anything!

Iron Eagle (1985)

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His dad, an F-16 pilot, gets shot down over the middle east and now a prisoner of war. His son, a wannabe F-16 pilot, flies down to rescue him.

Something before Top Gun, this movie is packed with hot air borne action and real cool F-16 maneuvers from beginning to end.

BOTTOM LINE: If you love F-16s... DON'T go anywhere below this page! Buy this movie...

Only used copy is available. That also just for $3!!! What are u waitin for?

Iron Eagle II (1988)

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Iron Eagle 3 and 4 are also available... but they actually suck! Iron Eagle 3 has no jet fighters at all!


The successor to the movie mentioned above. United States and Russia team up against the enemies in Middle East. At first no American or Russian wants to cooperate but then... well watch the movie man! And isn't Russia popular for female pilots? Well how could this movie miss them. The female lead star is pictured as a Russian pilot, who is supposed to give high altitude cover to American F-16s. And yeah, the MiGs are no MiGs (obviously). They are actually F-4 Phantom II. So don't be under the impression that you'll get to see some MiG flying. Enemies are Kfirs.

BOTTOM LINE: Same as for the above movie. Apart from F-16, watch out for F-4s also... and some romance too (just some passionate kissing).

Now if this is available for $1.25... you know what


F15 Red Flag Interceptor

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F-15 proved its might during Red Flag. No aircraft from any country found a place to stand in front of it. A documentary film(?) on the worlds best interceptor. I haven't seen it so I can't comment much.
The Flight of the Intruder (1991) - Spanish subtitles
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A movie whose title based on A-6 intruder. Obviously, it features the aircraft in 3/4 of the scenes. Action is pretty accurate. The war scene has been made as fantastic as possible. The MiG-19s actually look like MiG-19s, unlike in other movies.
Red Flag: Ultimate Game (1981)

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My favourite movie! This is one movie I would definitely like you to possess. Real hot flying action in the F-4 Phantoms and F-5 Tigers. As was during the real Red Flag, F-5 played as Russian MiG-21s and were called the aggressors. This movie has been very successful in portraying a USAF pilot's life participating in Red Flag, his victorious triumphs and morose loses. He was the allies, his friend was the aggressor... he does a maneuver that no one else can! and this maneuver leads to his victories. But what happens when his friend, the aggressor, tries to do the same maneuver??? Watch the movie and find out...

You bet Top Gun's base theme was inspired from this movie... as Red Flag was the Air Force translation of the Navy Top Gun, plus there a lot of similarities in the story. But Top Gun's video shooting, action sequences and music is simply UNRIVALLED.

BEST MOVIE (In terms of accuracy and story)